Teaching the skills to make a change.

It's our goal to empower local professionals in under-resourced communities and areas affected by conflict by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and tools to help them make a change in the lives of children and youth they work with.




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Mission & Vision

It’s our mission to contribute to creating better opportunities and outcomes for (traumatized) children and youth at risk in under-resourced communities and (post)conflict areas. By training local professionals that teach, take care of- and advocate for these young people, we aim to help create a safe (learning) environment for them, and to contribute to the overall improvement of education and mental health in these areas.

What we do

Teacher training

We provide training to local schoolteams in (cultural sensitive) teaching techniques, trauma supportive teaching, education in emergencies and child protection for teachers.

Mental health training

We offer workshops and training to local professionals and role models for their professional development about mental health in any field. The trainings we provide focus on trauma-support, psychological first aid, prevention of child abuse and violence, suicide prevention and psycho-social support. 

Intervention implementation

We help organizations and schools with implementing new interventions, or finetuning existing ones. The interventions we can help to set up are focused on coping with trauma (for kids), empowering (teenage) girls and preventing gender-based violence by creating a safe learning space for (teenage) boys. We also train aspiring mental health facilitators in working in the field of mental health and working with children and youth.

Consultation & advice

Is your school or organization struggling with challenges or difficulties? We can think alongside you, advise you, and develop tailor-made trainings and interventions with you to meet your (teams) needs.

Who do we train?

It is our main goal to equip local professionals and role models in under-resourced communities and (post)conflict areas, where they often don’t have easy access to education and training-facilities. Whether it's a school team in a township or favela, a medical team working in a remote children's hospital, aid workers working in a refugee camp or local social workers working in an orphanage; what all these people have in common is that they work with (traumatized) kids and youth-at risk. We would like to empower these local heroes with practical skills, tools and know-how, so they can meet the needs and offer the right support to the kids and youth they work with.

Our impact

In 2024 Train for Change is

Providing free training in education & mental health to local professionals in under-resourced communities and (post)conflict areas

Providing free practical tools and materials to schools & (mental) health organizations to help them practically work with kids and youth-at risk

Collaborating with local translators & experts to work in a culture-sensitive way and to create job-opportunities.

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