Get involved!

Your contribution can give children and youth-at risk in under-resourced areas access to the services and support they require in education and mental health care. You can help to make that change. Here are some of the ways in which you can contribute to providing access to training in education and mental health for local professionals: 

Once-off or monthly donations

Hop on that train for change by becoming a monthly donor, or make a single donation. Donations both small and big are greatly appreciated.

Corporate giving & sponsorships

You and your staff can profit from (tax)benefits by becoming a corporate partner or sponsorships. 

A school for a school

There are different ways for schools to make a change for other schools!

Schools can organize a sponsor-run with their students, a bob for chore or any other event to raise and donate money. 

Schools can also apply for receiving an in-company training on trauma support for teachers, which will cover the expenses of providing the same training for a school in an under-resourced area. 

Giving ideas

Do you have a background in psychology or education and would you like to contribute to developing our trainings, would you like to support us with gifts in kind like materials needed for our trainings, or do you have a great idea to get involved in other ways? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Where does the money go?

Behind every donated penny there is different story to tell, but where does it flow? You can read here where you're money will go to.

Providing and developing training and intervations

The majority of donations are used to actually provide our practical trainings and workshops in the field of education and mental health. Besides that, we continuously further develop new courses, and finetune our existing trainings with received feedback from our trainees. Donations are used to make this possible, and to get access to materials and evidence-based resources that support our mission.

Materials for the schools and organizations te keep

We want the schools and organizations to be able to start practicing and implementing what they’ve learned right away. This means that we provide schools and organizations with materials like: intervention manuals and educational and playful materials to play the interactive and psycho-educational games from the


Transport to physical training locations in under-resourced and (post)conflict areas

In order to provide training in the vulnerable areas where our trainings are most needed we need to get there! We train on location, in order to make the trainings as interactive and practical as possible. Donations will allow us to go to these destinations and train amazing teams of (aspiring) local professionals and role models.

Our partners & friends