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Train for Change is a small start-up NGO, that is aiming to contribute to empower local professionals and role models in the amazing work that they do. Train for Change was founded because in area’s where it’s most needed, there is often little to no access for local people to get proper training in the professions they’d love to do to uplift their community. Especially in these parts of the world, Train for Change wants to help close the gap of inequality in access to high quality education and mental health care, which is so critical for disadvantaged children that are born in under-resourced and (post)conflict areas.


That’s why Train for Change is training local (aspiring) professionals in the field of education and mental health, so that they can (continue) to make a change in their community. By providing our trainings and sharing knowledge and skills we hope to contribute for them to be actual changemakers. Whether it’s by providing training in how to be a champion teacher, how to be a mental health coach, how to work in a trauma-supportive way, or how to implement certain interventions. Each and every training is designed to empower local professionals and role models in their day-to-day work, to provide them with hands-on skills and knowledge that they can directly apply to the work they do within their community.

But also, making a change doesn’t happen overnight. You need to train for that change. It takes dedication to reach a certain goal; a goal that you can reach once you have certain assets to make that happen: knowledge, tools, skills, practice and experience. During our trainings, those are the things we hand to dedicated

local role models , that are wanting to make a change in the life of the kids, teenagers or adults they work with.

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Our Team

Julia Wijnen


Founder of- and trainer for Train for Change

Child psychologist & primary school teacher

Yuna Zweet


Master graduate Sports and Performance Psychology

Meryam Manaa


Primary school teacher

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In line with Dutch regulation concerning 'ANBI status', we are obligated to publish the following information:

Name organization: Train for Change International

RSIN-number: 864084742

Remuneration policy: The remuneration for the board has been determined in accordance with the 'Beloning Beleidsbepalers' as mentioned on the website of the Dutch tax authority (de Belastingdienst). This means that only the (reasonable) costs incurred are reimbursed and that non-excessive attendance fees are paid. During 2024, no attendance fees will be paid to our board.

Activities Organization: Here you will find a cross-section of all the activities undertaken by Train for Change in the mentioned year.

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