Collab with The Next Smile!

Train for Change will be collaborating with The Next Smile. This organization aims to put a stop to  child labour. In order to do so The Next Smile builds schools in different countries across the world, and offers free education and meals to children in under-resourced areas where children (were forced to) work. The schools employ local teams of amazing teachers. Although the teachers are very talented and motivated to work as a teacher, unfortunately not all teachers completed a teacher training due to lack of possibilities in the area. The teachers in these schools will face some challenges; as many of their students have faced many difficulties and for some it’s the first time they go to school. Therefore it’s important that the teachers will feel capable of themselves and have skills to offer the right support and guidance to the kids they work with. Therefore Train for Change will go to each location and train the local teams in teaching techniques and in trauma support for teachers. To learn more about our work for The Next Smile you can visit their website: 

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