Meryam Manaa

Meryam is a primary school teacher in The Hague, The Netherlands. Her heart goes out to the children who lack certain privileges in the educational system (or even life in general). For those, qualitatively good and durable education can be life changing. The urge to learn more about diversity in education and inclusion, led her […]

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Yuna Zweet

Yuna started studying Psychology at the University of Amsterdam as her interest in and passion for the human mind has always been big. With a background in Clinical Developmental Psychology and former work as a research assistant at the Habit Lab, Yuna has a lot of knowledge to share on the mental aspect of habit

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Julia Wijnen

Julia is the founder of- and trainer for Train for Change. Besides that she is a child-psychologist, a primary school teacher, and a university lecturer in the department of developmental psychology. Julia started with a double bachelor degree in educational and pedagogical sciences at the University of Amsterdam. After finishing her bachelors Julia gained experience

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